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GoodHumans, founded in 2000, is based in Santa Cruz, California with a pioneering social networking site dedicated to the concept of being a good human being. The company still pursues this ideal through the online retailing of eco-friendly products at GoodHumans.com. In 2008, the leadership team turned its attention toward its core professional passions of software and design for the iPhone.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, functionally complete software that people use and enjoy. Our approach is to make apps that the leadership team uses on a daily basis. It is our hope that by sharing the apps that help us in our daily lives we will help other people in their daily lives and make the world an ever-better place.


Rich Waters

Rich has been designing and developing software professionally for over 25 years, including 4 years as a lead developer at Infoseek, the best Web 1.0 search engine. Since late 1999, Rich has been the CEO of GoodHumans.com, an internet based retailer of environmentally friendly shopping website.

Mary Ann Waters

Mary Ann is our resident creative. Her background includes over 15 years as a professional photographer and graphic designer. She has worked with a variety of artistic media throughout her life.