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Support & Feedback

Please send all support requests or any other feedback to We are interested in hearing all support & feature requests, feedback, compliments, and complaints. You can reach us by phone at: 831-420-0118. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • eMailGanizer WORKS with any IMAP account.
  • eMailGanizer WORKS with Hotmail.
  • eMailGanizer WORKS with Exchange Servers.
  • eMailGanizer WORKS with Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Rackspace, & most other modern email providers..
  • eMailGanizer requires iPhone OS 5.1.1 or greater. If you regularly sync your iPhone, it has most likely already been upgraded. Otherwise, to upgrade the iPhone OS, plug in your iPhone and click Check for Updates. Continue with the upgrade by following the on-screen instructions.

User Guide    (PDF)
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Version History
2.0.5 (Latest)
  • Don't send Evernote HTML notes until they fix crashing bug (0003861)
  • App can crash when labels are set to invalid widths (0003857)
  • Regression: app stops accepting input after first account added (0003858)
  • Regression: other buttons in layout screen stopped working (0003855)
  • Tabs contents can get corrupted sometimes (0003854)
  • emails in smart folders aren't refreshed (0003840)
  • Add yahoo message about less secure apps (0003847)
  • Background color on swipe feedback button is wrong (0003842)
  • Inverted buttons don't update color after theme change (0003853)
  • local notifications not working with some configurations (0003849)
  • Some email subjects cause syncing problems (0003841)
  • Taps aren't recognized for table cells when tap is directly on label (0003851)
Full list of changes

eMailGanizer is provided 'AS IS' without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.