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iPhone Email Reader

  • Do you use email folders to store important messages?
  • Do you avoid filing emails on your iPhone
  • Are you looking for better iPhone email?

Then eMailGanizer is the email reader for you.

eMailGanizer is more than just another email reader. eMailGanizer is an intelligent email assistant that helps you keep a clean inbox. Whether you need to file an email, add it to your task manager, add it to your calendar, delete it, or archive it, eMailGanizer helps you get it done quick.

eMailGanizer get emails filed with just 2 taps, no matter how many folders you have. It uses sophisticated technology that learns your prior filing behaviour so that it can present you with the you with folders most relevant to the email being filed. You can now stay organized quickly and easily by filing emails with a couple of taps.

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  • Support for Hotmail, Exchange, & IMAP
  • File emails in seconds
  • Quick-file mode to file multiple emails to different folders at once
  • Shake-to-undo previous filing action
  • Batch-file mode to file multiple emails to same folder at once
  • Configure number of instant access folder suggestions
  • Extended filing screen shows all auto-suggestions
  • Search folder names for desired folder if no suggestions apply
  • Support for traditional browse accounts and file
  • Move emails between accounts
  • Hierarchical folder browsing

Even More

  • Add emails and events directly to iPhone Calendar
  • Add emails as tasks directly into Toodledo
  • Integrates with many GTD apps including Omnifocus, Appigo, & Things
  • Add, move, rename, & delete folders
  • Find folders by searching
  • View active email folders separately from reference folders
  • Mark folders as Favorites for priority access
  • One-tap to scroll to bottom or middle of folder list
  • Off-line operation for later synchronization with mail server
  • Offline full-text email search.
  • @Context folder awareness
  • Email threading with conversation view
eMailGanize! Action Sheet Photo

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